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Alco in practice

Thousands of people work with Alco products daily.
Alco cleaning and maintainance products are used in industry, hotel and catering and building maintenance. Moreover, Alco supplies epoxy coatings and products for concrete repairs.

Increasing numbers of customers are wildly enthusiastic about the use of Alco products. The following are just a few practical examples from Alco customers.

Descal – Industrial descaling

Descal is a safe and modern descaling agent and is free from hydrochloric acid. Descal safely removes lime, sludge and algae, and can circulate up to 48 hours without affecting the machine or material. Descal is safe for aluminum, steel and copper and reduces costs.

Also at this crate washer at one of our satisfied customers >

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Industrial Clean – alkaline cleaner

INDUSTRIAL CLEAN is an unscented, highly concentrated alkaline cleaner for universal use. Thus, also for the cleaning of the plastic roof of this very unique old-timer from one of our clients.

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Fortarox – powerful acid cleaner

Amazing results with Fortarox, an acid cleaner which also degreases.

Fortarox removes lime, cement, urine and soap residue, greasy deposits, scale, rust and dirt.
Fortarox contains anti-corrosion agents and is free from hydrochloric acid and thus less aggressive.

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